MC Galaxy: Nigerians react to nude video of Etinosa

Nigerians are reacting to Etinosa’s conduct on MC Galaxy’s live Instagram video.

In a trending clip, Etinosa stripped naked while chatting with MC Galaxy.

She could be heard saying: “It’s freaky Friday. If you cut it ( the video), I will cut you in life. Is it your body? It’s my body. Is it my business, I want to exhibit my body.”

On Twitter, many have expressed divergent opinions.

While some say Etinosa wasn’t forced to go nude and was at fault, others insist MC Galaxy initiated the move.

Some reactions below;

@I_pissVodka: I wonder what Mc Galaxy is going through right now. Minding your business and boom someone’s flashing boobs and Nash in your face. The trauma

@DrOlufunmilayo: When Falz spoke against Transactional Sex, the loudest empty barrels here attacked him viciously. Now MC Galaxy uses his page to enjoy the stupidity of those willing to strip for money, why is there noise? Many of you are too daft to realise you can’t eat your cake and have it.

@badt_BOI_ They always find a way to blame men. She informed him before hand, she stood by her word. She even threatened to harm him if he ends the video, but MC Galaxy is still at fault lol

@JFKResoluteEnt: Comedian Etinosa goes unclad (under the influence of alcohol) on Mc Galaxy ’s Instagram live video.

@dreadnstyn: Feminist: MC Galaxy is a sick sex predator. He took advantage of her Etinosa: I stripped nude in the video because am expressive with my body!! Feminist: They both adults no one was forced so no one is to blame but i still blame Mcgalaxy for not ending the video.

@browncandyx: Well, an actress with 201k followers just stripped naked for Mc galaxy , it’s not about the money, i can’t understand the reason any more etinosa nude video

@SadellaWallis: A mildy popular Nollywood actress (Eti Nosa) goes naked under influence of Alcohol on a live video with a pervert called Mc galaxy , who is to blame? The people in the comments asking her to go naked? Galaxy for not ending the call? Or she herself?

@GalacticoNG; Reportedly, the 1st is Etinosa’s comment on Mc Galaxy page 4days who when people are dragging him for the Naked Campaign And the 2nd is her comment on Tunde Ednut’s page after she stripped naked. So are we still putting blame on
Galaxy, Alcohol & Depression?

@bodakorange_: Before you start saying #etinosa was Intoxicated Blah Blah Blah. See her comment 4 days ago after the First Incident about McGalaxY ’s Live Video. Clearly they both Planned it.

@GalacticoNG: So I heard a drunk Etinosa sent her friends away from her room before stripping naked on MC Galaxy live video and we are putting all the blame on MC Galaxy ? Am I missing something?

@splufic_dice: Mc Galaxy was sexually harassed Mc galaxy was sexually harassed Mc galaxy was sexually harassed

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